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Evolve an Image

You are evolving from:

By publishing an image you are agreeing to the terms of service of this site.

Breeding Tips

  • Select images you like by clicking them, then click "Evolve" to create a new generation.
  • If there is an image you like you can "Publish" it to share it with the other users, even if you don't have an account.
  • Clicking the color checkbox turns on color evolution.
  • When in color mode, you can use the focus menu to evolve just the color, just the black and white, or both at once.
  • You can enable more controls by selecing "Advanced" above the controls.
  • When using the advanced controls, if you don't like a generation you can click "Redo" to try again with the same parent image, or click "Back" and select different images.
  • Advanced controls also allow you to "Save" an image and come back to it later.
  • You can click "Quit" at anytime to end evolution and lose all unsaved progress.
If you experience problems with the applet, you may need to update your Java software.
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